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Oil Heat Cares Helps Senior in Westfield, MA

Kathleen Gilmore of Westfield, MA found herself without heat and displaced from her home on a cold day in February. Mrs. Gilmore, a single senior, is recovering from a stroke, forcing her into early retirement from her state job. Her high medical bills and reduced pension prompted her to sell her home and downsize into a smaller mobile home. She had no choice.

The home has a hot water boiler which malfunctioned; Kathleen went without heat one very chilly night. This froze the entire system and the boiler burst. Her homeowner’s insurance was of no help, so Len Bruso and Laura Benoit, co-owners of Bay State Fuel Oil, Inc. In West Springfield, MA, called on Oil Heat Cares.

“Mrs. Gilmore was really suffering,” Laura told us. “She has a friend who communicates for her because of her disability, and we learned that she was left temporarily homeless because of the lack of heat. She really needed help and we felt she was a perfect candidate for Oil Heat Cares.”

Once the project was approved, F.W. Webb, under the leadership of Mike Del Conte, donated the PurePro AOT3 boiler. “We would like to thank F.W. Webb for that generous donation,” Laura said.

“We really owe tremendous thanks to Marshall, the maintenance coordinator of Hampden Village, the mobile home park where she lives,” Laura said. “He came with the proper equipment, removing the old boiler, and installing the new one. He really did a fantastic job and it was no easy task.”

The lead tech on the job was Maxwell Riley of Bay State Fuel Oil. “Maxwell has been with us for more than 30 years,” Laura said. “He is a veteran and he donated his time to help Mrs. Gilmore. He was assisted by Carter Field.”

“Both men worked very hard on the job,” Laura said. “It’s an outside unit and it was really frigid out there. But it was worth it to restore heat for Mrs. Gilmore. We wish her well.”