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Experience the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat at Bay State Fuel

When you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you rely on home heating oil to keep your family warm and cozy through the winter months. This energy source is a traditional, reliable fuel that’s affordable, especially in places like New England. However, if you’re like many people these days, you might be thinking about whether you should transition to a more environmentally friendly fuel source. We’ve got great news. You can keep your same oil-fired heating system and use an eco-friendlier fuel at no cost to you.

At Bay State Fuel Oil, we have already started delivering Bioheat® fuel as our standard heating fuel, so all you have to do is take advantage of its fantastic benefits. Bioheat® fuel is a blend of traditional home heating oil and biodiesel, fuel made from natural, renewable resources such as soybean oil and recycled cooking oil. This eco-friendly fuel provides benefits for both you and the environment.

Consumer Advantages

  • Burns cleaner, so your system operates at peak efficiency
  • Provides a more efficient burn for reduced consumption (This saves you money!)
  • Helps extend heating equipment life

Environmental Benefits

  • Lower emissions reduce carbon footprint
  • Promotes better air quality
  • Biodegrades quickly
  • Virtually sulfur-free

Why Make the Transition?

Another fringe benefit of this fuel source is that biodiesel is made domestically, reducing our dependency on foreign oil suppliers. We think that this fuel has so many advantages that transitioning to it as our primary heating fuel was a no-brainer. It’s not required for home heating fuel suppliers in Massachusetts to deliver Bioheat® fuel, but we think the benefits are impossible to overlook. When offering Bioheat® fuel can provide you energy savings while simultaneously helping our planet, we’re going to offer it.

If you have any questions about Bioheat® fuel, get in touch with us, or you can visit for more information.