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At Bay State Fuel Oil, we’ve always been dedicated to providing Western Massachusetts residents with clean, high-quality heating oil for your comfort, safety, and savings. We’re proud to announce that each gallon of fuel we deliver is now eco-friendly Bioheat!

Bioheat is a renewable fuel produced by combining standard #2 heating oil with reusable resources like plant oils and recycled grease. As biofuels become a new standard for home heating, it’s important to us that we keep you informed. Learn more about Bioheat below!


Just like standard home heating oil, Bioheat is a safe energy source for your home and family due to its non-explosive nature, ability to produce visible warning signs in the case of a malfunction, and private storage capability. Boasting incredibly low emissions, this energy source is also safe for the environment.


Bioheat can help to extend the life of your heating system and even lower your oil bills. How? The fuel produces a cleaner burn to help maintain proper equipment operation, reducing the risk of buildup and other fuel-related system interruptions.


Did you know that Bioheat is produced domestically? Using the fuel limits our dependency on foreign oil, creates more jobs in the U.S., and helps to support local businesses.


We at Bay State Fuel Oil have already made the switch to delivering Bioheat as our standard heating fuel. What does this mean for you? Take advantage of Bioheat’s benefits without changing a thing. Absolutely no updates are necessary for your current oil heating equipment!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the environmentally friendly fuel that heats your home, please contact us.

Bioheat at Bay State Fuel