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Water Heater Installations

You count on your water heater every day to power essential appliances like the dishwasher, warm comfortable washing machine, shower, and more. Is your current equipment meeting the demands of daily household chores? Bay State is here to help. We offer professional installation and service for oil- and gas-fired water heating systems. Our service technicians have the skills to assess the condition of your water heater, perform any necessary maintenance, or offer upgrade recommendations.

Upgrading your water heater can transform your daily routine and significantly improve your quality of life and reduce your annual energy bill. Instead of skipping the hot cycle for your laundry or hurrying through a cold shower, you can enjoy readily available hot water without skyrocketing your heating bill. Bay State is pleased to install a variety of high-efficiency water heating options for both oil and gas customers in our service area.

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Brands We Carry:

Bock Logo

Bock Water Heaters

Bock has been one of the top names in water heating for decades. Today, their brand is widely recognized for its reputation for quality craftsmanship and comfort.

  • Oil and gas capabilities
  • High-efficiency operation
  • Heat Transfer Products
SuperStor logo

SuperStor Indirect Water Heaters

Bay State is pleased to sell and install various models of SuperStor indirect water heaters. These water heating systems are designed to last longer and perform better. The brand is renowned for its sleek designs, durable stainless steel materials, and super-efficient operation.

  • Built with corrosion-resistant ceramic or steel
  • Three to five times faster recovery than conventional water heaters
  • Maximum operating efficiency
  • Lifetime warranty for some models

Which Water Heater Is Right for You?

  • Storage Water Heater – Holds a supply of hot water and operates by releasing it from the top of the tank when hot water is called for.
  • Indirect Water Heater – Uses the heat from your boiler to simultaneously heat your water.
  • Tankless Water Heater – Instead of using a storage tank, cold water travels through a pipe to reach the heating element whenever hot water is called for.

Bay State would be pleased to help you select your new oil- or gas-fired water heater. For any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.