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How to Make Your Tax Return Work for You

It’s tax return season, and residents all over Western Massachusetts are getting refunds in the mail. But wait—don’t splurge your return too quickly. With a little ingenuity, you can multiply your tax return many times over. Keep reading this blog post by Bay State Fuel Oil’s HVAC experts to learn how to get more back this year than you ever have before.

Invest in High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

Putting your tax return money into a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler heating system will help you save more on energy and repairs for years to come! If you put this year’s tax return toward a new heating system during the spring, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule your installation before the cold weather returns once again.

How Much Can You Really Save with New Heating Equipment?

Furnace and boiler efficiency is measured in AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. If your current furnace or boiler runs at 70% efficiency and you upgrade to a furnace or boiler that runs at 95% efficiency, that represents a 25% decrease in your fuel oil bills each year!

Let’s Talk Numbers: How Many Dollars Can You Save with New Equipment?

That means that if your fuel costs are around $1,500 per year, you would save an average of $375 per year on fuel costs. Over a lifespan of about 20 years for the average heating system, that’s a total fuel savings of $7,500. That’s not even considering the reduction in service costs and repairs that the heating system will need.

Other Benefits of a High-Efficiency Heating System

  • Increased home resell value
  • Better comfort and more even heating
  • More peace of mind for your family
  • Decreased cost of repairs and emergency service
  • Higher reliability in your home heating system
  • Thousands of dollars in lifetime savings

Schedule Your Long-Term Savings Today!

Contact the fuel and energy experts at Bay State Fuel Oil today to request a free consultation and quote for your new high-efficiency heating oil furnace or boiler. We’ll be more than pleased to find an installation appointment that works for you and help you save more on your heating bills for years to come.