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5 Tips to Keep Snug This Winter

It’s that time of year again here in New England, the time of year we all share a love and love-not-so-much relationship with winter. The cold months of the year come with perks like ski trips, tubing, sledding, sitting by a fire, and ringing the New Year with your loved ones, but the brutally cold […]

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How to Prepare Your Massachusetts Home for Winter

Local homeowners are getting into the fall spirit by apple picking, going on hayrides, raking leaves, and carving pumpkins. That means one thing: winter is well on its way here in Massachusetts, and Bay State Fuel Oil has compiled some tips to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe transition into the coldest months […]

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It’s Like Home Comfort Insurance, and You Need It

Whether you use oil or gas to power your boiler or furnace, you need a service plan for both! Especially in Massachusetts, we rely on our heating systems for several months throughout the year because temperatures really do get low here. Where would you be on an icy cold January night without your oil-fired or […]

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Experience the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

When you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you rely on home heating oil to keep your family warm and cozy through the winter months. This energy source is a traditional, reliable fuel that’s affordable, especially in places like New England. However, if you’re like many people these days, you might be thinking about whether you […]

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Cut Energy Costs This Season

With August right around the corner, summer is in full swing, and you can only expect the days to get hotter and more humid. We hope you’re staying cool and comfortable in your Massachusetts or Connecticut home this season. However, are your energy bills higher than you’d like? If you’ve noticed an increase in your […]

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Take Control of Your Heating Bills

Winters are freezing cold here in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, and we know it costs a lot to stay warm through the frosty season. Paying high heating bills over the long winters we have in New England can take a toll on your bank account, and we want to help. At Bay State, we offer […]

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Central A/C vs. Ductless Mini-Split: What’s the Difference?

Warmer weather has finally made it to Massachusetts, and the dog days of summer will be here before you know it! You may be wondering how you’re going to keep your family and home cool this summer. Is it time for a new air conditioning installation? If that clunky, old, inefficient window unit isn’t getting […]

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Benefits of Annual Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Warmer weather is right around the corner here in Massachusetts and Connecticut. You’ll be powering on your air conditioner before you know it, so is your East Coast home ready for warmer weather? You may be wondering if you need to get an A/C tune-up every year. The answer is an abundant YES! Taking care […]

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Spring Home Maintenance & HVAC To-Do List

Spring is officially here, and soon warm weather will be at your doorstep. Many people consider “spring cleaning” to mean cleaning out the garage, putting away their winter clothes, cleaning gutters, and dusting, but did you know there are important HVAC to-dos as well? Preparing your cooling equipment for the warm season in Massachusetts should […]

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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating Equipment

During the winter season in Massachusetts and Connecticut, you rely on your heating equipment to keep your home cozy and your family safe. Your heating system isn’t only responsible for keeping your home warm, but it also affects your household spending, so it makes sense that you would want a high-efficiency system. Today’s high-efficiency systems […]

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