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Oil Heat Equipment Installations

Did you know that oil heat equipment that is over 15 years old doesn’t run efficiently and is at risk of unforeseen breakdown? Bay State HVAC technicians skilled with countless hours of experience and who are highly trained in the latest technological techniques have the ability to assess the condition of your oil-fired equipment.

Upgrading your heating oil equipment can increase your system’s efficiency by at least 28%. Its efficiency is measured in AFUEs, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Many oil-fired boilers and furnaces have ratings up to 95%. Depending on the age and condition of your oil-fired equipment, a new high-efficiency heating system could cut your fuel bills in half.

Before and After

Older Heating Systems

  • AFUEs between 50% and 70%
  • High Downtime Heat Loss
  • Maintain High Temperatures
  • Noisy

Mid-Range Systems

  • AFUEs between 78% and 83% (EPA requires 84%)
  • Constant Ignition
  • Lower Emissions
  • Adequate Hot Water

ENERGY STAR-Rated High-Efficiency Systems

  • AFUEs between 85% and 87%
  • Micro Processors
  • Markedly Lower Downtime
  • 40% Reductions in Stack Emissions
  • Increased safety

Bay State Fuel would be happy to recommend and install your new oil-fired boiler or furnace. We will always be ready to tell you about our preferred brands of Thermo Pride and Weil-McLain, but if you have a preference toward a different brand, we would be happy to quote and install other makes as well. For any other HVAC questions, please feel free to ask us.

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Our Recommended Brands:

Thermo Pride

Bay State Fuel recommends Thermo Pride as our most trusted brand of furnace. They are backed with outstanding warranties and buyer protection programs, are extremely efficient, and are hand-crafted in the USA.

Well McCain

For a trusted name in boilers, Bay State recommends Weil-McLain, the leading name in North American boiler manufacturing and design. Their engineers not only care about the aesthetics but the functionality, safety, and soundness of each unit.


In need of a new burner? Carlin provides burners, controls, ignitors, and various components that you may need for your heating equipment. Based in Massachusetts, they are a company that we can truly be proud of.

Roth Heating Oil Tanks

Roth has been creating the industry standard for heating oil tanks. With some of the highest quality standards, this family-owned company cares about what you have in your home, protecting not only your family but the environment.