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Take Control of Your Heating Bills

Winters are freezing cold here in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, and we know it costs a lot to stay warm through the frosty season. Paying high heating bills over the long winters we have in New England can take a toll on your bank account, and we want to help. At Bay State, we offer an Easy Pay Plan to take some of that financial stress off your shoulders.

What Is the Easy Pay Plan?

If smaller payments sound good to you, keep reading. Instead of paying high heating bills over the winter and spending thousands of dollars to keep warm, we can spread your payments over the course of 11 months so you have one small, predictable payment each month through the course of the year. This will help you budget better and let you keep some extra cash in your pocket over the winter. We calculate these payments based on your specific usage, and they’re divided equally over the year beginning in July. This allows you to pay your heating bills in predictable payments over the course of a year, rather than all at once during the holiday season.

Benefits of Bay State’s Easy Payment Plan

  • Automatic cash discounts applied on delivery
  • One easy monthly payment instead of high unplanned bills
  • Less stress for family budgets
  • Option to automatically bill your credit or debit card each month
  • This is a free service to our customers—no monthly fees
  • Your choice of FREE automatic delivery or scheduling on a will-call basis

Save More with Auto Delivery

You can save even more when you sign up for auto delivery! With automatic delivery, you can make the most of your heating budget. At Bay State Fuel Oil, we create a delivery schedule based on educated estimates of degree days and your previous usage. We deliver exactly what you need when you need it, never more and never less. More effective fill-ups translate into more efficient fuel use, which means lower annual energy costs.

If you’re ready to cut down on high heating bills over the winter and keep some extra cash in your pocket, contact us today to enroll.