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10 Signs Your Home Heating System Needs a Repair

Keeping warm in your Massachusetts or Connecticut home during the winter is a priority, especially considering how cold the winter gets in the north. If your heater isn’t acting up to par, or if you’re noticing things that aren’t quite right, it may be time to schedule a repair with us. We can diagnose the problem and have it corrected in no time! Heating issues aren’t a matter to put off. It’s best to catch heating system problems when they are minor before they become big, expensive repairs. Keep reading to learn the top 10 signs that your heating system may need a repair.

Cold Dog - Need heating repair


10 Ways Your Heating System Is Telling You It Needs Service

1. You Smell a Burning Odor: If your heating system is producing a foul, burning odor, this is a sure sign that your heating system has a serious problem. Don’t wait to schedule a repair.

2. Outrageously High Heating Bills: If your heating bills are steadily increasing and are much higher than usual, your heating system could be the culprit. An inefficient heater will cause your system to consume more oil than usual. Call us, and we can take a look, and perform a tune-up if that’s what’s needed.

3. Strange Noises from Your Furnace or Boiler: If your heating system is an older model, it’s typical to hear occasional rattling and creaking, but if you start hearing strange noises, get in touch with us so we can diagnose the cause.

4. You Need to Adjust Thermostat Often: Needing to adjust your thermostat often could indicate that your heater is not working efficiently. Some rooms may be warmer or cooler than others, and this could also cause a rise in energy bills.

5. Your Heater Has Short Cycles: When your heater goes on and off intermittently, it’s called cycling. Your thermostat should regulate the temperature in your home, but if you notice your heating system is short cycling, it could indicate your system is malfunctioning.

6. Poor Indoor Air Quality: If your home seems stuffy or you find that you’re having respiratory issues, your heating system may need a repair. Get in touch with us and we can help you improve your air quality, so you can breathe healthier, cleaner air.

7. Cold Spots and Uneven Heating: If you find that you need to turn your thermostat up ultra-high to stay warm, you have a heater problem. This is another sign of inefficiency, so get in touch with us, so we can see what steps to take to improve your heating system’s output.

8. Humidity Problems: Having dry air in your home during the winter is a cause for concern, especially if you have wood floors. If the air in your home seems too dry, your furnace could need a repair.

9. Many Replacements in a Short Time: If your heater is older, normal repairs aren’t unusual, but if you’re spending more and more on part replacements, your heating system may have a serious problem.

10. Your Heating System Is Old: Like any type of technology, a heating system is bound to age and experience wear and tear. If your heating system is over 10 years old and not working efficiently, let us take a look. It may be time for an upgrade.


If you notice any of these issues with your heating system, get in touch with us at Bay State Fuel Oil today to schedule a repair. We’ll get your heating system diagnosed, repaired, and working efficiently, so you can stay cozy this winter.