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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating Equipment

During the winter season in Massachusetts and Connecticut, you rely on your heating equipment to keep your home cozy and your family safe. Your heating system isn’t only responsible for keeping your home warm, but it also affects your household spending, so it makes sense that you would want a high-efficiency system. Today’s high-efficiency systems have proven their value in safety and performance—so you may be thinking it’s time for an upgrade. How can you tell when it’s time to replace your heating system? We have some tips to let you know when it’s time for an upgrade.

If you’re between seasonal tune-ups from Bay State, keep an eye out for these telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade your heating equipment.

  • High Energy Bills: This is an easy sign that your heating equipment may be approaching its expiration date. As your heating system ages, its efficiency will start to decline—causing your heating bills to consistently become higher. If your heating bills are getting higher without a change in extreme weather or household size, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency system to reduce your heating costs.
  • Strange Noises or Smells: It’s probably normal to hear some mystery noises coming from the basement every now and then, but if you start to hear consistent humming, banging, or clunking, it could be time for an upgrade. Strange odors are also a red flag that you should look into a replacement system.
  • Dusty or Dry Air: Have you assessed your home’s indoor air quality? Excess dust or a change in humidity could be the result of an ineffective and inefficient heating system. Having your regular annual maintenance can help improve indoor air quality, but an upgrade is a sure-fire solution to better, cleaner air.
  • Increased Repair Frequency: Like any piece of machinery, your heating system will experience wear and tear as the years go by. Take a look at your recent service history and how much you’re spending on repairs. Instead of spending on recurring repair visits, consider upgrading and making a better investment with your money.
  • Uneven Heating: Do parts of your house feel really warm, while other parts still feel cold? If your thermostat is at a normal temperature, but the heat is not reaching all parts of your home, it could be a sign of your system’s operational decline.

If it’s time for an upgrade, don’t wait. Contact Bay State Fuel Oil today for a quote! Learn more about our installations here.