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Cut Energy Costs This Season

With August right around the corner, summer is in full swing, and you can only expect the days to get hotter and more humid. We hope you’re staying cool and comfortable in your Massachusetts or Connecticut home this season. However, are your energy bills higher than you’d like? If you’ve noticed an increase in your home comfort costs due to constantly running your A/C, you’re in luck. We’re here to bring you some energy-saving tips to help reel in your budget. Keep reading.

1. Get your annual A/C tune-up. Annually servicing your A/C will help you save significantly. When you get yearly service, you maximize energy efficiency and reduce the need for service calls down the road. This will help you prevent mid-season breakdowns, and you’ll even improve your indoor air quality.

2. Install a programmable thermostat. This simple and easy tip can help you reduce your home comfort costs by as much as 10%. All you have to do is program your thermostat to raise the temperature when you’re away or sleeping. Doing this will give your air conditioner a break when you need it less.

3. Check for air leaks. Explore your home, and feel around doors and windows for air leaks. When you let cold air escape and let hot air in, your A/C bills go up. Caulk or add weatherstripping to any place you feel heat coming in.

4. Get Grilling. Using an oven or stove to prepare your meals will raise the indoor temperature, causing your A/C to work harder to cool your home. Opt to grill outside on your propane grill for dinner instead of making your meal inside.

5. Use window treatments to your benefit. When it’s hot outside, close your shutters, curtains, or blinds to keep the heat out. This will allow your A/C to run less frequently.

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Your comfort is our priority at Bay State. We hope these simple and easy tips will help you reel in your home comfort budget this season. When it’s time for a tune-up, be sure to contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.