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4 Reasons to Enroll in Automatic Oil Delivery in MA & CT

Spring is in full swing here in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and for many busy homeowners, heating oil may be the furthest thing from the mind; however, now is a great time to consider enrolling in automatic delivery, so that you can reap all the program’s benefits for the full fall and winter seasons. We know you’re busy, so let us take care of monitoring your fuel tank and scheduling your oil deliveries. Keep reading to discover the top four reasons Massachusetts and Connecticut residents choose automatic delivery from Bay State Fuel Oil, Inc.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Automatic Oil Delivery in MA & CT

Increased Convenience at No Additional Cost

Monitoring your oil tank and remembering to call to order and schedule yourself can be a hassle, but you don’t have to worry about any of that when you sign up for automatic delivery. When you enroll, Bay State Fuel Oil customizes a delivery schedule for you, accounting for the size of your home, the number of residents, weather patterns, and your historical usage data. We use these metrics to calculate when you need delivery, and then we schedule it for you. Plus, we offer this service at no additional cost, so you can stress less without paying more.

Efficient Spending

Automatic delivery can maximize your heating budget by helping you avoid fuel price spikes. When sub-zero weather is in the forecast, people tend to prepare for the freeze by calling for fuel delivery. This increase in demand can drive the cost of oil up; however, when you enroll in automatic delivery, we consistently monitor your tank and make deliveries accordingly, so you’re more likely to save money by just needing a top-off.

Decreased Risk of a Fuel Run-Out

Running out of heating can not only cause significant damage to your system, but it is also dangerous. If you run out of fuel at night or on a weekend, scheduling delivery can be expensive. If you run out of fuel on a day with freezing temperatures, waiting for that delivery can be uncomfortable or unsafe. With automatic delivery, you are protected from this issue since it significantly decreases the chance of a run-out.

Simple and Easy

Enrolling in automatic delivery is both free and easy. Contact Bay State Fuel Oil now, and we can answer any of your questions about how the program works and sign you up in a matter of minutes.

Contact Bay State Fuel Oil to Sign Up for Auto Delivery Today

If you want to work with a company that understands the stress that can come with managing your home comfort when you’re already managing many other things, count on Bay State Fuel Oil. We created the automatic delivery plan to help you stress less by taking something off your plate. Also, if you’re interested in maximizing your comfort budget even more, consider signing up for our Easy Pay Plan. Contact Bay State Fuel Oil today to learn more about both cost-saving services!