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5 Winter Safety Tips for Massachusetts Residents

Massachusetts residents know what severe weather winter brings, from freezing rain and flurries to snow squalls and blizzards. By following a few basic strategies, smart residents prepare for these possibilities, preventing serious outcomes. You’ll find that the industry-accepted heating strategies discussed below will help protect you and your home even in the most inclement winter weather.

Homeowner Winter Safety

Bay State Fuel Oil provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and nonexplosive heating oil to Western Massachusetts homeowners. Becoming a Bay State Fuel Oil customer means having access to reliable home heating oil delivery, a major winter safety strategy. However, you should adopt additional practices as further security against Massachusetts’s harsh winters. These recommended measures include:

  • Maintaining a Full Tank

    Besides exposing your family to the harsh winter cold, heating oil depletion poses home safety risks and could cause you to incur further costs from equipment damage. Automatic delivery helps prevent this scenario. Bay State Fuel Oil tracks heating oil use and delivers well before tank levels sink to dangerous levels. If automatic delivery is not your style, then Bay State Fuel Oil offers a manual oil order option. Keep in mind that, if you prefer manual ordering, you must track your tank gauge and place oil orders in advance.

  • Clearing Delivery Pathways

    Keep both you and our drivers safe by plowing and shoveling your snow- and ice-covered driveway and access paths.

  • Signing up for a Service Plan

    A Bay State Fuel Oil service plan benefits both your heating system and your checking account. Our plans include services ranging from annual heating system tune-ups to service discounts. We offer a range of coverage plans, designed for different budgets, that promote secure and efficient system operation.

  • Installing CO Detectors

    Fortunately, you need not fear any risk of explosion from heating oil use. However, in rare circumstances, carbon monoxide might leak during any fuel-burning process. Should a leak of this odorless toxic gas occur, we advise you to install detectors in your home for immediate notification.

  • Cautious Basement Storage

    It’s common to store flammable items such as storage boxes and holiday wrapping in our basements. Remember to store these items away from your oil tank and heating system.

Enjoy your winter season safely! Call our experts at Bay State Fuel Oil for more information about home comfort and safety practices or to arrange your next delivery.