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Troubleshooting a No-Heat Emergency in Western Massachusetts

If you’re reading this, chances are your home heating system isn’t working properly—but don’t worry! Bay State Fuel Oil has been providing heating repairs and service to Western Massachusetts homeowners for years, so we have some tricks of the trade we picked up along the way. If your furnace or boiler heating system stops working, try out these tips for what might be a quick and affordable fix.

If you test out everything listed below and have no luck, call our service team. We’ll be more than happy to come out to your Western MA property and fix your heating system in a jiffy.

No-Heat Troubleshooting Tips from Bay State Fuel Oil

Ensure you have enough heating oil in your storage tank.

Visit your home heating oil tank. It has a small sight glass that you can use to determine how much fuel you have left. Customers who aren’t on automatic delivery take the responsibility of monitoring their own home heating oil tanks, which can sometimes result in an empty tank and a furnace or boiler shutdown. If you need an overnight or weekend oil refill, call our office!

Double-check your thermostat’s batteries and settings.

Do you have fresh batteries in your thermostat? Are the settings on “heat” or “auto?” Ensure that the system is set above the current temperature in your home so that the furnace or boiler will kick on.

Check your breaker box and red emergency switches.

Breaker switches can trip if electrical currents go awry, and red emergency switches can be mistaken for light switches in the dark. Check that both are in their proper positions before requesting a service appointment with your favorite local energy provider.

Press your heating system’s red reset button one time only.

Locate and press the red reset button on your home heating system. If nothing changes, contact us. We’ll be pleased to send an HVAC service technician out to help you.

Still need assistance? Give us a call—we offer 24/7 emergency heating service to our valued customers in the Western Massachusetts area!