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Gas Heat Equipment Installations

Gas Heat and Electric Pumps

Make sure your family has a safe and comfortable home to stay in all winter. If you have a propane- or natural gas-fired heating system that is over 15 years old, chances are that you are due for an HVAC upgrade. With technology ever-increasing the efficiency of gas-fired equipment, your family can stay warmer without fear of breakdown; all while enjoying consistent, efficient heat year-round.

Upgrading your heating oil equipment can increase your HVAC system’s efficiency by at least 28%. Heating equipment efficiency is measured in AFUEs, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. With the advancement of technology and an ever-increasing need to cut back greenhouse gases, natural gas and propane equipment are now rating AFUEs of 96%! This means that a new high-efficiency heating system will save you a noticeable amount of money each season.

Ductless Mini Split

Older Heating Systems

  • AFUEs between 56% and 70%
  • Continuous Pilot Light
  • Heavy Heat Exchanger
  • Drafts Create Flow of Combustion Gases

Mid-Range HVAC Systems

  • AFUEs between 80% and 82%
  • No Pilot Light (electronic ignition)
  • Lighter Weight, More Compact— Reduces Cycling Loss
  • Exhaust Fan to Control Combustion Gases
  • Smaller Flue Pipe

ENERGY STAR-Rated High-Efficiency Systems

  • AFUEs between 91% and 96%
  • Sealed Combustion
  • Small, Compact, and Light-Weight
  • Second Heat Exchanger Condenses Gases and Increases Efficiency

Bay State Fuel would be happy to recommend and install your new gas-fired boiler or furnace. We will always be ready to tell you about our preferred brand of Thermo Pride, but if you have a preference toward a different brand, we would be happy to quote and install other makes as well. For any other questions, please feel free to ask us.

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Our Recommended Brands:

Thermo Pride

Bay State Fuel recommends Thermo Pride as our most trusted brand of furnace. They are backed with outstanding warranties and buyer protection programs, are extremely efficient, and are hand-crafted in the USA.

Well McCain

For a trusted name in boilers, Bay State recommends Weil-McLain, the leading name in North American boiler manufacturing and design. Their engineers not only care about the aesthetics but the functionality, safety, and soundness of each unit.


In need of a new burner? Carlin provides burners, controls, ignitors, and various components that you may need for your heating equipment. Based in Massachusetts, they are a company that we can truly be proud of.


Bay State proudly installs and maintains electric heat pumps (mini-splits). Not only do a lot of their systems qualify for energy-saving rebates, but Mitsubishi has been delivering advanced climate control and promoting environmental sustainability for decades.