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No Heat Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing no heat in your house? Before calling for emergency burner service, please review the information below. If you experience heat loss in your home, Bay State Fuel Oil, Inc. is just a call away for your 24/7 emergency heating service needs!

Common solutions to ‘no heat’ problems:


justguageCheck to make sure you have fuel oil.



Be sure that that both burner switches are on. One switch is normally located at the top of the basement stairs, or by the unit. It should have a red switch plate. There may also be one mounted on the burner.



Try to get the furnace to turn on by raising the thermostat above room temperature.



Press reset button on burner once only! Check to see if flame comes on.



Make sure there is enough water in the boiler. Check the sight glass to make sure the water is between the minimum and maximum level.

If your burner fails to operate or if you require service, please call our office at (413) 733-5088.

Bay State Fuel Oil -Heating Troubleshoot