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3 Reasons MA Homeowners Need an A/C Service Plan This Summer

Summer in Massachusetts & Connecticut can get hot and sticky and staying comfortable when temperatures climb is a priority of every resident. Signing up for a service plan is a simple step you can take to help protect your cooling system and your budget during the warm season.

You might be wondering if a service plan is worth the cost, and the experts at Bay State Fuel Oil want you to know that it definitely is! Read on to learn the top three reasons Massachusetts and Connecticut homeowners choose to sign up for A/C service plans.

Why You Need an A/C Service Plan in MA & CT

Maximized Comfort

The last thing you want when you come inside to escape the heat is a stuffy, under-cooled room. A service plan helps your A/C operate at peak efficiency, and when your home is cooled more effectively and evenly, you’ll be able to relax in a more enjoyable space.

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Significant Savings

Annual air conditioning maintenance keeps your cooling system functioning at its best, and both of our A/C service plans include an annual tune-up. During this inspection, a skilled service technician will evaluate your entire system. This saves you money in two ways: first, a tuned-up system runs more efficiently, so it will take less energy to cool your space. Second, the inspection will allow a technician to catch any small issues before they become big, expensive problems.

Additionally, if you choose our Service Pro Complete plan, you’ll receive discounted emergency service and repairs, and we even waive the service call fee!

Improved Safety

As part of the annual tune-up included in each service plan, the technician will also perform a safety check. You’ll experience greater peace of mind knowing your air conditioner is not only operating efficiently but also running as it should.

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Bay State Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your A/C

Our priority is your comfort, so we offer two different options of A/C service plans—the Service Pro Basic and the Service Pro Complete. Contact us today to learn more about each option, so you can choose one that best suits your needs and stay as cool when the weather gets hot. Whether you have a ductless mini-split A/C or central A/C, we’ve got you covered!